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    Vitulano, IT

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    Stoner, Heavy


The ‘Teverts’ project was born in 2006 and mainly includes ‘stoner rock’ with various and experimental contaminations. The band plays in several stages around Italy, also performing in the “sweet Leaf Festival”, “a Desert Odyssey Fest” and many other stages with important bandstevers4 like: Karma To Burn (USA), Wild Eyes (USA), Bone Man (GER), L’ira Del Baccano, Doomraiser, Zippo, Black Rainbows and many others. After several self-produced demos and ep which have received good responses from italian musical background, in February 2012 “Thin Line Between Love & Hate” was released in 2013 the band promoting the album with an european tour through Italy, France and U.K.! In January 2014 the drummer “Danno” leaves the band and joins in Luca “Headbomb” Martone. The band rediscovers the perfect alchemy and the compositions veer towards a dark and heavy psych, with an overbearing retur of fuzz and desert riffs. Immediately they start to write the second studio album “Towards The Red Skies” that will be released in February 2016. In the same year they signed for “Karma Conspiracy Records”